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This site is dedicate to moving states to the Democratic column, not just for the Presidential election, but also for Senate, House, state, and local races.

We're trying to bring about a Democratic tide, a brand new contract with America. We're tired of run-away deficits, arrogant administration, religious dictates made law, and corruption throughout our government.

Right now, our greatest concern is the potential that as little as 5% of votes could have been shifted electronically, throwing the vote and the election of the most powerful person in the world into question.

Why were the exit polls so wrong? Why did officials put into place systems with no accountability? Why are the media and observers being shut out?

What kind of democracy is this?

We're taking back the government, but not without the groundswell of participation generated this election. We need every person to talk about the issue, to donate money, and to volunteer.

There are links on the left to volunteer money. I'm still working on where to volunteer time. As I get more information, I'll post it.

We have to keep fighting.

Democracy deserves no less.

Getting rid of these guys is just the start.
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